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Since the days of the Egyptians mankind has been using granite for decoration and utility. But what are the biggest do’s and don’t when it comes to your granite counter-tops? Use these 4 quick tips to help you have the granite counter-tops that the talk of the town.

  1. First tip is to NEVER use wax for for your granite surfaces as it is not necessary. Instead we recommend you use a mild detergent or sanitizing wipes
  2.  For the best results get your counter-tops professionally cleaned by professionals such a Chem-Dry rather than over the counter polishes or products. Over time your counter-tops collect soap scum and become dull and dinged. Over the counter polishes leave behind residue that can cause dirt and debris to collect.
  3. Using your counter-tops as a food prep services can cause your granite to become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and cultivate. Instead, use a cutting board when preparing food.
  4. Whenever possible use a professional sealer to prevent stains between cleanings. 

Why Chem-dry?

-Independent lab results showed that our process removed 98.4% of bacteria from counter-tops! Which is leaps and bounds ahead of the competitions. 

-Our process means you don't have to worry as much between those deep cleans, and always rings back your granite’s original shine.

-The sealer we use is water based and green certified so you don’t have to worry about bathing your house in hazardous chemicals.